EMF Meters

EMF Meters

As a ghost hunter, it’s vital that you seek out, detect, and document any and all unexplained phenomena that may be occurring in a given environment. Electromagnetic fields surround us at all times, and theories from within the branch of paranormal investigations suggest that ghosts may have the ability to manipulate these fields.

What is an EMF Meter?

An EMF meter is a device that measures fluctuations in electromagnetic fields (EMF). They’re a staple piece of ghost hunting equipment that empower paranormal investigators to collect thorough data and potentially track these fluctuations to their source.

EMF Meters for Ghost Hunting

When it comes to hunting ghosts, digital EMF machines are some of the most important tools you can use. They work by detecting spikes in EMF levels, which may be caused by the presence of a spirit.

As any experienced paranormal investigator will tell you, you can’t simply rely on your senses to guide your investigation. In addition to changes in ambient temperature, there may be EMF anomalies occurring as you search a location.

Just as with a thermometer, you’ll require specialized ghost hunting equipment for detecting those changes. Additionally, once you’re ready to begin asking questions of potential spirits in your environment, EMF sensors help you determine the effectiveness of your line of questioning.

How to Choose the Right EMF Meter

Perhaps the most important characteristic that distinguishes EMF readers is the direction, or directions, in which they detect electromagnetic fields. Single axis meters, for example, must be pointed in the direction of the EM field to detect it.

Conversely, Triaxis EMF detectors can detect changes from electric fields in all directions (left, right, up, down, and diagonally) simultaneously. However, don’t assume that triaxis readers will be simpler to use.

In fact, many find single axis meters to be more intuitive, especially for new ghost hunters. Not only are they generally easier to use, but they often come with more features to help make ghost hunting simpler, requiring less equipment.

The Standard for EMF Detectors: The Mel Meter

With a digital EMF and temperature readout, the Mel Meter provides a bounty of useful information used for finding and tracking paranormal activity. This EMF reader provides single axis measurements in milliGauss or microTesla, and real-time temperature gauging in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Both measurements are displayed in red light, in order to preserve the investigator’s vision. This allows ghost hunters to remain vigilant and prepared for spotting potentially paranormal activity.

The Best EMF Reader for Ghost Hunting: The Rook EMF Meter

The Rook EMF Meter was designed specifically for paranormal investigators. Built in the USA, this ghost meter has a high-resolution, wide range and with many increments between 0 and approximately 20mG to provide clear indication of changes in energy.

To indicate the strength of the EM field, there are two on-board panels with 4 LEDs and the piezo speaker increases the volume of its alerts. This EMF reader is also designed with ergonomics in mind to allow for comfortable carrying, and the battery can last for over 50 hours.

Additionally, it features an improved enclosure design to prevent false readings. It achieves this by fortifying the EMF scanner against EMF radiation interference from nearby electrical devices, such as mobile phones.

The Most Feature-Packed EMF Reader: The EDI+ Meter

For ghost hunters who like to keep thorough records, the EDI+ Meter is the perfect choice. In addition to measuring electromagnetic fields at low frequency, this multi-tool ghost meter can measure the ambient temperature, detect vibrations, and record pressure and humidity.

Better still, it displays all of these details in graphs and spreadsheets. Paranormal investigators can then export their findings to the software of their choice because the EDI+ Meter saves captured data to an SD card as a CSV file, which is compatible with most popular spreadsheet software.