Ghost Hunting Lasers

Lasers are a vital piece of ghost hunting equipment because they are very useful for paranormal investigators. They can detect movement, alert you to environmental changes, and supplement video by emphasizing anomalies that are otherwise imperceptible.

Better still, they can be set up in different ways. Ghost hunting lasers are often set up around areas where there may be high rates of paranormal activity. Because they detect and track motion, investigators can use lasers to form a perimeter around their team, or they can be set up to “guard” over a remote location.

In fact, one common tactic that ghost hunters employ is to leave a paranormal laser with a static camera as they conduct a search or interview elsewhere. This way, they can section off their search area into smaller, more manageable zones. If their investigation causes a reaction, they’re covering more ground with their fixed equipment.

The best lasers are green or red because these colors will show up on camera better than cooler colors, like blue or violet. You can opt for a variety of patterns, and even establish full, 360-degree coverage.

Laser Grid for Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting laser grids are great for keeping an eye on a large area. While you’re occupied operating other equipment, reading and interpreting information, or interviewing the client, laser grids for ghost hunting observe a specific location and track a range of data.

Laser Grid Scope

This Laser Grid Pen is an economic starter for ghost hunters who like to keep their kit light and adaptable. It’s a high-power laser that emits green dots for detecting shadows and visual disturbances. The adjustable lens allows you to modify the size and shape of the dot patterns, or change the pen into a powerful laser pointer.

Laser Grid GS1

For ghost investigations that are a little more complex, the Laser Grid GS1 lets ghost hunters establish a perimeter over a 20×20 grid. The sharp, uniform laser lines help to determine speed of movement and to map out anomalies in three dimensions.

GS2 Laser Grid System

With the GS2 Laser Grid Sensor Array, you can assess baseline measurements and identify motion, distance, direction, and even temperature fluctuations of a given area. It displays a counter to keep track of the number of occurrences, as well as the shape of the potential entity in blue or red, depending on temperature. Combined, this data helps in the development of a 3D model of your experience.

360° Puck Laser Grid

Ghost hunters who are familiar with our modular 360° Puck System know what it feels like to have ghost hunting equipment that watches your back – and flanks. Our 360° Puck Laser Grid GS1 module can detect visual disturbances, and help to track movement or calculate speed in all directions around you and your team. It features a sturdy tripod mount, and can easily be added to your 360° Puck configuration.