Ghost Hunting Cameras

Arguably the most important piece of equipment in a ghost hunter’s kit, a reliable camera is of the utmost importance when tracking the supernatural. The ideal ghost hunting camera can enable you to both detect and record visual anomalies, or potential paranormal activity, while obtaining high-quality video.

How to Record Ghosts and Possible Spirits on Camera

Once you’ve gotten the necessary gear, it’s important to utilize it properly. Ghost hunting cameras feature night vision properties, allowing you to pick up infrared images and avoid using too much light. It’s also a good call to set up motion detectors and stationary cameras in areas with high paranormal activity.

Establish a Perimeter with Static Cameras

If you want the best camcorder for investigations, look no further than the Phasm Cam Full Spectrum Night Vision Video Camera. The versatility this camera brings is incredible and even has a magnetic mounting feature that offers options in where you can place it. Don’t worry about filming in the dark, as it has built-in IR light for night vision capability. This camera is a great option for low-light filming situations, but it also empowers you to go full spectrum with your choice of lighting.

Be Prepared for Any Scenario with Ghost Camera Accessories

No ghost adventurer should begin an investigation with cameras alone.

Our Phasm Full Spectrum Night Vision Camera Light provides more than just basic light. Phasm offers so many lighting options all in one convenient sized device with adjustability on the controls on the back. Its mounting system allows you to attach to a tripod or bracket but also magnetize to metal.

Speaking of mounting systems, Flexible Tripod features non-slip gripping legs that allow for full 360 degree control. The tripod has protective foam shelling, giving this product some serious longevity.

Energize Your Gear with a Power Pack

Don’t forget to bring some extra juice on your ghost hunting trips. A USB Power Pack that includes a 20,000 mAh high capacity storage and can even let you charge and use two devices at once.