Motion Sensors

Ghost Hunting Motion Sensors

Motion sensor technology has become a staple of modern ghost hunting equipment. Motion detection devices capture movement that may be undetectable to our limited senses as humans, which can be the perfect tool for paranormal investigators.

One of the primary goals of ghost hunting is to catch movement on video that cannot be explained by natural causes. This makes paranormal motion sensors an ideal way to improve your chances of capturing evidence.

There are many types of ghost hunting motion sensors on the market today, from simple devices for new ghost hunters, to more complex detectors for more experienced paranormal investigators. Better still, they’re an economical technology, and they’re easy to incorporate into your ghost hunting kit.

Paranormal motion detectors are an excellent investment for those who are planning an investigation.

Motion Sensors for Ghost Hunting

Starting off with something simple, you can’t go wrong with this ghost hunting motion sensor alarm. Compact and portable, this device alerts you to movement with a light, as well as your choice of a sound cue. The light cue is perfect for video documentation, and you can select between a pleasant voice, a chime, a piece of music, or an alarm for the sound alert.

Increasing a bit in complexity, our Flux 2 Response Device boasts motion and distance sensors in addition to its primary application of interpreting extrasensory responses. As you conduct a paranormal interview, this device will alert you to motion via light indicators at its peak, allowing you to determine the location of potential entities. This is helpful in conducting communication experiments with polar questions such as yes/no, boy/girl, or light/dark.

Advanced Motion Sensors for Paranormal Investigations

Our most advanced systems boast features that can provide investigators with significantly more information than just motion detection. Sometimes, you may require full, 360-degree coverage, while other times, you may decide you’d like to render a 3-dimensional model.

We designed our modular 360° Puck System to eliminate the need for frequent equipment rearrangement, while providing a customizable solution for your specific ghost hunting needs. Our 360° Motion Puck can detect motion in all directions simultaneously, and can be mounted to any common tripod, or directly incorporated into your 360° Puck configuration.

Finally, our laser ghost hunting motion detectors allow you to track motion, direction, distance, and even temperature. With laser grids that boast over 65 sensor points, you’ll be able to determine the dimensions and shape of potential entities for aid in 3D modeling!