EVP Recorder

EVP Recorders: Capture Electronic Voice Phenomena

Audio recorders are a handy tool for documenting activity during paranormal research. Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators consider them to be a staple investigation tool for recording Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, from a potential spirit.

Paranormal EVP Equipment

Ghost hunting has become a popular passion for many people in recent years, and EVP recorders are one tool that enthusiasts use to try to capture evidence of paranormal activity. They are devices that allow you to capture audio documentation, which can then be analyzed for any strange or unexplained sounds – like Electronic Voice Phenomena.

What is an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)?

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is an anomaly in which voices can be heard on an audio recording that were not present when the original sound was recorded. The theory behind this type of occurrence is that, when an intelligent being is attempting to communicate with us, an imprint of their energy can be detected while playing the file back.

This energy can manifest itself by way of a voice, whisper, or other audible disturbance. It’s particularly notable when heard as a response to a question or a request for signs of presence.

Why Should Paranormal Investigators Buy EVP Recorders?

The most common reason to buy an EVP machine for your investigations is to record potential audio anomalies. EVP recorders allow you to capture these sounds and listen for any strange or unexplained noises, which can be useful for both casual ghost hunting and more sophisticated paranormal investigations.

There are many different types of electrical devices on the market that are designed to do this, including voice recorders and audio spectrum analyzers. The technology behind this ghost hunting equipment has changed dramatically over the years, with some of the most recent models of recording devices being able to pick up frequencies outside of human hearing range without distortion or interference.

EVP Recorder vs. Regular Recorder

An EVP recorder is an electronic device that is specifically designed for capturing sounds that may originate from spirit voices or other unusual activities. They have features like frequency ranges that extend beyond human hearing, which can help you to capture noises that you wouldn’t be able to hear with a regular audio recorder.

Furthermore, these devices often have controls that allow the user to fine tune which frequencies are scanned, to fast-forward and rewind the recording, or to mark the file for later reference. Using an EVP recorder, messages received from possible spirit entities can be slowed down and replayed for further analysis.

A regular voice recorder can also be used to capture phenomena, but it may not be as effective because a digital voice recorder is specifically designed to record sounds in the Audible Spectrum. It is vital to note that not every strange or unexplained noise is caused by spirits, so it is important to always listen to your data and be diligent in your research for any possible explanations.

Can You Record EVP on a Phone?

Yes, you can record EVP on a phone. In fact, there are a number of apps that allow you to do this. However, the quality of the audio may not be as good as those that you would get with a dedicated EVP recorder. You’ll also want to keep in mind that phones, inherently, inject their own form of interference as a result of its other tasks such as text messages, incoming calls, and background tasks such as cell phone tower pings and location services. As such, a mobile app may not be the best choice for use in pure evidence gathering.

This means that your approach may depend on how advanced your investigations are on average. If you’re a ghost hunting hobbyist, you may find that your phone is satisfactory; however, as your investigations become more advanced or professional, the quality of your findings, and your reputation, may suffer if you don’t have adequate equipment.

Best Voice Recorders for Ghost Hunting

There is a diverse range of EVP products, from simple recorders to more complex EVP devices that boast an assortment of helpful functions. The EVP Wrist Recorder is an affordable and compact option that records quality audio for potential contact from ghosts. Conveniently, it straps right on your wrists so you can free up your hands to carry the other tools for your investigation, such as EMF meters and video cameras.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Zoom 360° Audio Recorder is packed with features, leading many to consider it the best EVP recorder on the market. It can utilize up to four microphones for 360-degree recording, an SD card for exporting what you record, and file marking to quickly find specific recordings later.

The Best Accessories for an EVP Box

Sometimes, we need to supplement our equipment with accessories to improve their capabilities. For example, paranormal researchers may want to carry their EVP readers in a Faraday cage to reduce radio interference from broadcast frequencies.

Another common problem seen in the field is that an electronic voice phenomenon may come in at too low a volume to be heard or understood. Ghost hunters may consider attaching a speaker to improve their chances of perceiving an EVP ghost communication.