Video Cameras

Video Cameras for Paranormal Investigators

With the aid of night vision video and full spectrum camcorders, you can detect and record visual anomalies (and potential paranormal activity) with high-quality video. While night vision allows you to record unseen infrared light, full spectrum is a new technology that is specifically designed for ghost hunting.

Full spectrum cameras allow you to see far beyond our normal sight range and into areas of the spectrum where theories suggest that ghosts reside. This means that any serious paranormal investigation requires this technology to guarantee full documentation.

Fortunately, finding the best camera for your ghost hunting team doesn’t have to be time- or resource-intensive.

Best Cameras for Ghost Hunting

If you’re a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator, then you know that video cameras are an essential tool for every ghost hunting kit. The first step to finding the perfect camcorder for your paranormal investigations is to determine the needs of your operations.

Some of the most popular video recorders are those with night vision, full spectrum, and 360-degree capture capabilities. To choose from these, you should consider the environments in which your investigations typically take place.

For example, are they usually in dark spaces or well lit areas? Are they confined spaces with one method of entry, or large, open places that put a stress on your equipment inventory?

Night Vision Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Night vision camcorders use infrared light (IR) to capture images in low-light conditions without the use of artificial illumination, such as a flash. This makes them indispensable for your ghost hunting adventures, where visible light may not be available or ideal.

The best night vision camcorders boast many useful features and allow video recording in high definition. Phasm Cam, for example, captures 4K Ultra HD video in total darkness, and can easily be combined with our Phasm Full Spectrum Night Vision Camera Light for a boost in clarity. For a bit or savings, you can purchase the two counterparts together in a powerful full spectrum camera kit.

If you need the best night vision camera for ghost hunting, be sure to check out our guide on the subject, “The Best Night Vision Ghost Hunting Cameras You Need.” Here, we compare the best IR cameras for ghost hunting and divulge those top picks that you must have in your paranormal investigations kit.

Full Spectrum Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Full spectrum camcorders are essentially high-performance, night vision, video cameras. For short, we call it Night Vision+.

By capturing imagery from the full light spectrum, ghost hunters can improve the effectiveness of their operations to include both visible and invisible light, from infrared to ultraviolet.

For instance, you can attach our Full Spectrum Camera to a head mount and record from your perspective during an investigation, which frees up your hands for other vital tasks. Meanwhile, for ghost hunting in super low light conditions, this military grade Dual-Mode Full Spectrum Camcorder from SiOnyx records in near darkness as effectively as it does in broad daylight.

360-Degree Paranormal Cameras, Rigs, and DVR Accessories

All too often, during evidence review we have found ourselves saying, “too bad it happened just out of camera view.” 360 camera documentation solves this entirely.

The importance of capturing evidence from all angles is paramount for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. In most other recording situations, the camera operator can anticipate where the action will take place or, at least, move the camera over in time to catch it.

For supernatural phenomena, that’s simply not the case. However, you can ensure that your investigation is covering all the angles with this 360° Ghost Cam.

Featuring only one lens, this camcorder captures in full 360 degrees from floor to ceiling, and it doesn’t require image stitching later. If you already have the ghost cameras, you can attach them to this camera rig package to achieve a similar effect.