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ClubZero Ghost Group are a non profit paranormal investigation team. Established in 2003 in Stockport, UK. This board is in place to allow you to add and experience input of a paranormal nature, and will keep you updated with all our events and news.
Your beliefs are and will always be respected, please show the same respect to other contributors on this page, Offensive posts, comments and behavior will not be tolerated.

We are all here to help, assist and advise as much as possible.

Investigations and events can be primarily booked by responding on our events section.

Please note, members choosing to attend our events and have indicated so, of whom cannot attend for any reason, please let us know so we can reallocate your space to others wishing to attend.

Failing to inform us that you will not be attending, will result in that member being blocked from further events If you cannot attend, please click the appropriate box on the event.

ClubZero and admin reserve the right to refuse or deny admission to club events at any time.

We accept no responsibility nor liability for damage or loss to personal belongings, personal injury or criminal damage.

In such events as criminal damage, abuse etc, the local authorities will be called and the offender dealt with.

Most events are pay on the night, with a non refundable deposit of £10.

Event payments can only be refunded if cancelled by either ClubZero or the hired venue, refunds will NOT be issued to members who cancel or cannot attend.

Sharing Rules
You are welcome to share your paranormal groups on MONDAYS ONLY.
Non profit groups only please, no events companies, businesses, or Ltd registered companies.
You must be an admin or moderator of the group shared.
NO advertising of events or services.
Only share on our group if you are happy for us to share on yours.
Groups shared are in no way recommended or endorsed by ClubZero Ghost Group

Complaints of any nature should be brought to my attention which will be treated in strict confidence, whereas a solution will be sought.

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