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Erie Shores Paranormal is a nonprofit paranormal investigation and research team based out of South-Eastern Michigan, and serves Michigan and Ohio. E.S.P. was founded in 2007. Our investigators have a wide range of experiences and unique backgrounds from the skeptic to the medium. We are dedicated to providing accurate and efficient research into claims of paranormal activity. Our goal is to determine if a reported unexplained occurrence is paranormal or something that can be explained.

Our investigators conduct themselves with reliability and professionalism, and treat people with respect. Erie Shores Paranormal will never share personal client information with anyone. We are here to help in any way possible and remember it’s FREE.

Erie Shores Paranormal’s goal is help people who think they are experiencing paranormal activity in their home, place of business etc. We also investigate historic locations, known haunted venues and even offer public ghost hunts at a historic location.

In 2014 we were called to investigate a yacht club.

The club is 150 years old, the current building is 107 years old and there have been plenty of claims and personal experiences by members, employees and guests.

When we investigated we were very surprised how much evidence we collected and the number of direct responses we got from what we believe are some of the resident spirits.

Since 2015 we’ve offered monthly public ghost hunts at that very yacht club. It gives us an opportunity to try different experiments and theories about how to communicate with those who have passed. It also gives us an opportunity to introduce the general public to paranormal investigating. We’ve even had other paranormal investigation teams come in…and they got evidence.

The Toledo Yacht Club is still an operating yacht club. Though there are no known documented deaths on the property, there have been many tragic events on the water near the club and surrounding area. Even Mother Nature has tried many times to take down the yacht club. At least three times by fire and twice by water. Fire consumed three of the previous buildings. The current building is a Spanish Mission style, concrete and steel structure that has had a fire but was not as damaging as in the past. One flood and one burst water main have caused damage, but the old girl still stands.

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