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This group is for sharing your
Findings from spirits to ufos we cover it all, we allow all genuine paranormal apps and Videos to be shared , we offer help with Problems and concerns of using apps and any other paranormal concerns
we in this group support all investigators,creators any type of paranormal evidence from mediums to ufos,if it paranormal we want to know
Now our rules to keep this a happy and drama free group
We Support the best creators of paranormal apps Spain paranormal, Itc legion,Garra paranormal,Mark Coultous, Brian Holloway, Appydroid and Danny Roberge of Echovox.
1.No racist posts or racially abusing another member
2.No blocking the groups admin
3.No baiting other members to get a reaction
4.No discrediting anyone’s evidence
5.No abusing another persons religious views
6.No slating other groups
7.Group sharing is done on Mondays in here on basis of share for share.or in our new sharing for share group so please look and join our other group on admins recommendation to share your group with us,but if you are willing to put us on your admin recommendations we will do same for you
8.Mediums must not use a personal reading in the group to attack and provoke another member as if person responds with abuse then both will automatic be removed from the group
9.No videos to be posted accusing people of being fakes or any other accusations and none attacking other groups
10.Our policy is everyone gets a fair chance to join this group.we dont turn people away and believe everyone deserves a chance
11.No disrespecting a creators work IE app if you think it not good,please just say it didn’t work for you or you didn’t like creators do their best and try different things some good some not good but they ve given up their time to create these for us, so we can at least give them respect for that
12.This group is a not place to name anyone you may have a dispute with all disputes what dont concern this group must remain on the doorstep and we wont tolerate naming names on the public wall
13.No political postings allowed this isn’t place for political discussions.

We are all equals here learning together in a fun
and relaxed group so please respect other members views what ever their level of experience is.

We test all CREATORS apps (No Matter Who They Are,)here some good some not so good but if you dont like that app or think it dont work please dont disrespect it as the creator as put in lot of work to bring us these apps for us to test and use,
Please look in our folders for the most genuine creators apps what are,on playstore

Ghost Hunting and Spirit communications.

Date Established
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$0.00 to $100.00