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Group Rules/revision August 24, 2015 Just a few simple rules to keep this a happy and fun place to be. They will be strictly enforced to keep it that way: We all enjoy a good laugh. Funny pics, cute jokes and things like that are welcomed in this Group however, do not SPAM the Group with unrelated information, get rich quick schemes, pornography, or anything else that is totally off topic here. Anyone Spamming the Group will be immediately removed and Banned from the Group. Derogatory or inflammatory comments made against other users will not be tolerated. Please respect others thoughts and ideas. We all have our own ways of seeing and understanding things then others might. “BEFORE ITS NEWS”, “EMPIRE NEWS” AND “BIZLIFES” ARE NOT ALLOWED!! AS THESE ARE KNOWN TO CONTAIN VIRUSES. We wish to protect our members!! You will be removed and Banned!! POSTING! So that the the members can find, read and communicate to each other, we need to change our posting rules a little. “MONDAY’S are our “Share for Share Day” post groups, event etc. You can post anything that day, but make sure it pertains to the subject of this group. Thank You! Your Admin are Andrea Berry-Gustafsson, Troy Green and Beverly Reasoner.

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