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G.P.I.S (Gloucester Paranormal Investigation Services) was formed in October 2016 by co-founders and lead investigators Paul Cowmeadow and Ed Francis who decided to form G.P.I.S after a visit to St Catherine’s church graveyard in Matson,Gloucester back in July 2016 where equipped with only a camera and an EVP recorder at the time managed to capture a class A EVP and a still picture of the apparition of the Grey Lady that’s said to haunt that area. Amazed at what they managed to capture with such basic equipment they decided to form a paranormal team, invest in more equipment and investigate some of Gloucester’s most historic and haunted locations.

G.P.I.S are a tech paranormal documentation team that conducts ITC research which is basically any form of communicating with spirits through the use of electronic devices. They don’t use Ouija boards etc, not that they don’t believe in them but prefer to document visual/audio evidence that can be seen by everyone through their videos. As a documentation team they are regularly featured in local media and have a monthly column with Gloucestershire Live. They have also been on BBC Radio Gloucestershire Breakfast Show and was filmed on Halloween 2017 by BBC Points West. They are now in the process of getting a professional film crew so they can create their pilot episode and hopefully take their investigations to TV.

G.P.I.S also hold occasional public events and presentations of their evidence and also hold talks on the paranormal at certain local shows where the public can get a more in depth perspective of the kind of research they do and how they do it.

As well as investigating some of Gloucester’s biggest haunted historical locations, G.P.I.S also do private investigations for people that are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, some of which are living in fear of this activity and need answers to what is causing it and occasionally need help in trying to remove it.

How we conduct investigations: G.P.I.S always plan and prepare for every investigation they do thoroughly so they can get the best results from the location their investigating. They start with an informal meeting where they meet the owners and have a basic look around the location and talk about what kind of activity they have experienced. They then research as much historical information as possible about the location.

G.P.I.S then conduct what they call a recon investigation of the location which takes place during the daytime where they interview anyone that has experienced paranormal activity there and also conduct baseline readings to try and find any natural phenomena like electrical sources, drafts etc that could give them false readings on the main investigation. During their recon investigations they usually encounter some kind of paranormal activity themselves that enables them to find certain areas of interest that can be focused on more during the all night investigation. Recons allow G.P.I.S to go away and thoroughly plan the main investigation properly, knowing where to place static cams, EMF devices etc to try and capture the best evidence.

Being a tech paranormal team G.P.I.S set up a nerve center so that they can monitor every part of the location in real time and respond quickly to any paranormal activity that may occur, any activity that is missed by investigators is recorded and later found during a full analysis of the investigation where full reports are written and eventually videos are produced for the media to show their evidence.

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