The Ghosting Experience

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I would like to remind pending members must answer our questions or you will not allowed into the group! Thank you!

Just a few simple rules to keep this a happy and fun place to be. They will be strictly enforced to keep it that way.
We all enjoy a good laugh. Funny pics, cute jokes and things like that are welcomed in this Group however, do not SPAM the Group with unrelated information, get rich quick schemes, pornography, or anything else that is totally off topic here. Anyone Spamming the Group will be immediately removed and Banned from the Group!

The following will not be tolerated: animal cruelty, racism, sarcasm, blatant rudeness and being disrespectful.These rules are to be followed at all times. Once the rule(s) have been violated, the offending post(s) will be deleted and the member blocked from the group without warning.
Hate speech/trolling/ threatening/personal attacks/cursing are not in-line with our mutual respect policy…you will be removed, we are here to help each other and have healthy debates but there are limits and we will enforce them.
Please respect others thoughts and ideas. We all have our own ways of seeing and understanding things then others might.
Do NOT block the admin or mods. To do so will result in immediate expulsion from group.
I would like to ask that you to please don’t post “Horror” items of any kind in our group, there are plenty of Horror groups to post them. We would like to keep this as Paranormal related only.
There will be no readings in this group, there are plenty of group for that.
Fridays are our group Fun day, post your jokes, funny pics, just try to keep it clean.
POSTING! So that the the members can find, read and communicate to each other, we need to change our posting rules a little. Mondays are our “Share for Share Day” post groups, event etc. You can post anything that day, but make sure it pertains to the subject of this group. RADIO SHOW’S ARE EXEMPT FROM THE MONDAY RULE! PLEASE NO BUMPING SHARES ON MONDAYS! Thank you!
Admin Andrea Berry-Gustafsson, Kristy Jo Stanton and Mods Shelby Lynn Tackett, Troy Green and Denise Davies

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